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Friday, 30 November 2012 18:00

EFN Asia conference 2012 successfully ended. But our commitment does not end. Several news outlets in Hong Kong and China reported about the conference in both English and Chinese. The examples are below.


South China Morning Post mentioned about the interview with Dr Tom Palmer and the speech of Hong Kong Financial Secretary John Tsang.

'Tom Palmer, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute think tank in Washington, said new stamp duty targeting property investors would "make Hong Kong less attractive to foreign investors".


Palmer said that the most important thing was "not to put some kind of cap on prices".

Speaking after a forum on welfare populism, Palmer said the government should increase supply and allow the market to adjust to the market conditions.

"What you will see is that a lot of people will move to Shanghai and other places," he said. "One of the important elements for Hong Kong is that it is an open city. It is the gateway to China. If Hong Kong is going to close up, people will go straight to China."

He suggested the government look at easing land use restrictions and open up areas for development.

"You have to have the right medicine for your disease and [new taxes] are not the right medicine," Palmer said.

In the same forum, Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah reiterated that government intervention would help restore the balance. "Once the balance has been restored, we will return to the status quo," he said.'



Speech of John Tsang was quoted and the interview of Professor Xingyuan was mentioned.

'Separately, Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah warned at a symposium yesterday that populism could threaten Hong Kong's fiscal health in a long run.

He stressed the government has to manage public finances to deter instability such as the current situation faced by Spain, Italy and Portugal due to huge welfare expenses.

At the same function, Feng Xingyuan, professor of the Rural Development Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the Buyers' Stamp Duty - introduced at the end of last month - will affect the free market principles of Hong Kong.'



A news of China News Net in Chinese


2012年11月08日 13:48 来源:中国新闻网


曾俊华在演说中提出三个理由支持他的说法,并保证香港将继续审慎理财,保持小政府角色。首先,《基本法》规定香港要坚守量入为出的财政政策。其 次,由于缺乏审慎理财原则,欧洲等地引发的主权债务危机,也应该给予我们一些教训。最后,审慎管理财政资源在亚洲文化中是根深蒂固的,这也是香港的理财价值观。




此次研讨会是由狮子山学会联同德国的Friedrich Naumann Foundation(东南亚支部)举办,与会的经济学者也对港府近期推出的加强版印花税调控楼市措施发表看法。

中国社科院研究生院教授冯兴元表示,港府推出买家印花税会阻碍外地人在港置业及进行投资活动,担心会影响香港的自由港的形象。他又认为,即使外 地买家来港投资物业,主要是针对中高价住宅,不会影响一般市民的置业需求,他建议港府可发展更多迎合一般市民需求的住宅'。'(完)


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