There is a chance to submit your application to The Lion Rock Institute’s Scholarship and overseas internship! If you are a university student in Hong Kong, and would like to learn the ideas of a free market, you can apply here.

On 3 May 2018, Professor Frances Ruane, one of Ireland’s leading academics and expert on EU and globalization, will speak on the impact of Brexit. A dinner-discussion to address important questions relating to how Brexit will affect immigration and trade remain will take place on Thursday. Register here.

“Altruism is immoral. Rational selfishness is necessary for human survival.” Ayn Rand argues this in her book The Virtue of Selfishness. The thought provoking and life-changing book, brings a essential moral perspective to free market ideas. Join The Lion Rock Reading Club on 17 May and explore more insights! Sign up here.

The Lion Rock Institute globally promotes Hong Kong’s excellence in public policy that exemplifies free market values. It is a member organization of EFN Asia.




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