China’s rapid, stable, and continuing economic growth since the late 1970s or much of what is called modern Chinese ‘economic miracle’ is substantially traceable to the implementation of liberal reforms.

Prof. Dr. Xingyuan Feng, Senior Research Fellow at the Research Institute of Economic Thought and Economic History at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, and Economic Professors Weisen Li also of Fudan University and Evan Osborne of Wright State University in Ohio, USA explore this in their article Classical Liberalism in China: Some History and Prospects published on the Econ Journal Watch (EJW) in May 2017.

Elements of liberalism were present in ancient Chinese thought. “Today, liberal thinking is freely available, networks of liberal aficionados exist, and their activities and ideas are accessible to the public” is written in the paper abstract.

“Given the huge tasks ahead in Chinese reform, liberals need to strengthen these networks, and to gain support from entrepreneurs in particular,” suggest the authors.

Read Prof. Feng et. al. paper here.




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